A unique approach


The SGSI Training and Development team has a unique approach to training for each client.

Here is what you can expect from the SGSI Training and Development team.

  1. Property assessments take place for each client to identify risks, improvements, and to determine policies and procedures.
  2. Customized training is built to the client’s liking in order to foster the desired experience that clients are looking to achieve.
  3. Onsite and offsite training takes place to get the new staff on-boarded and ready to take on the tasks put in place. This aids in bridging transitions.

Clients can rest easy knowing that Saeta is providing the individualized touch that should be expected.

Our approach to training

The SGSI team works closely with clients to develop a program that is proprietary and unique. There are no “out of the box” approaches, useless videos, or corners cut. Clients can rest easy knowing that SGSI is providing the individualized touch that should be expected. The SGSI team decided to take a different approach to security, and chose to enhance the industry with a flair that is fitting for South Florida. Customer service and concierge training is a main focus for guards, and the approach is unique. Traditional training modalities include videos, non-engaging LMS systems, and very little follow-up and assessment. We believe that these types of training deliveries are ineffective and simply do not provide the level of training necessary for an Officer to become part of the fabric of a property. SGSI has developed training programs for each client that are specific to each need and desired experience. This is not limited to customer service, but includes emergency procedures, visitor and trespass situations, how to handle involving law enforcement, report writing, and basic communication for issues that require escalation.

The Saeta Difference

SAETA provides all-in-one precise security solutions to accurately protect our clients while focusing on building rapport and trust.

We’re South Florida’s premier all-in-one security firm that treats our clients like family.